Friern Barnet Community Library video

Yay! Friern Barnet Community Library got it’s licence and books will continue to be lent from this lovely purpose-built home for books. A victory for sanity and community action.

Arachne Press lent our support with a little reading from each of our books last Tuesday, when things were still a bit in doubt, so delighted with the result.

Here’s the video of our reading – apologies for the sound quality with hindsight the windowsill wasn’t the best place for the camera.

Caroline Hardman & Wendy Gill read from Stations and Michelle Shine reads from Lovers’ Lies


Cherry Potts reads from London Lies and Bobbie Darbyshire and Rosalind Stopps read from Lovers’ Lies.

MVMNT by Train…

Another reading from Stations, at MVMNT cafe, right next to Greenwich DLR, if you listen hard enough we’ll have sound effects!

For those who have joined us at MVMNT before, there is now more protection from the elements and some heating, so don’t be put off by the season.

Wednesday March 20th 7pm

Line up:

Jacqueline Downs (Crystal Palace) She Didn’t Believe in Ghosts;

Bartle Sawbridge (Shadwell) Rich & Strange;

Peter Cooper (Highbury & Islington) Inspector Bucket Takes the Train,

Caroline Hardman (Hoxton) Bloody Marys and a Bowl of Pho.

And from Lovers’ Lies, (to show there’s more to us than train spotting) Darren Lee By the Horns.

Arachne Press Authors talk about what they did before they met us

Of course we’d like to think the most significant relationship our authors have is with us as their publisher, but they do have histories…

find out what they got up to – in their writing,

Photos from Hills & Parkes reading and London Transport Museum Signing

Paula Read at Hills & Parkes

Paula Read at Hills & Parkes

Hills & Parkes the deli in Honor Oak Park hosted us a reading in December, which was a very quiet affair, but they made us fantastic carrot cake to go with Paula Read‘s Honor Oak Park story, Carrot Cake. We like to feed our audience’s imagination through as many senses as possible!

Bartle Sawbridge at Hills & Parkes

Bartle Sawbridge at Hills & Parkes

Peter Morgan at Hills & Parkes

Peter Morgan at Hills & Parkes

Jacqueline Downs at the London Transport Museum

Jacqueline Downs braves the cold at the London Transport Museum

We followed this up with a signing session at the London Transport Museum shop, where they were very enthusiastic and we discovered that Wendy Gill has a talent for selling that the rest of us can’t emulate.  We were getting a certain amount of recognition for the book because of the cover –  which is by Gail Brodholt – one of her pictures was on the wall, and lots of her cards around the place too.Our signing table was right by

Katy Darby, Paula Read and Peter Morgan at London Transport Museum

Katy Darby, Paula Read and Peter Morgan at London Transport Museum

the door, so we were in a bitter gale most of the time, but a lovely American tourist gave Paula and me some little hand warmer things that helped considerably, and the staff took us off to defrost in their staffroom.

Anyway we signed all the stock so if you are looking for a signed copy ofStations or London Lies, London Transport Museum

Wendy Gill (Saleswoman of the day), Bartle Sawbridge, Caroline Hardman at London Transport Museum, with Paula pretending to be crowd.

Wendy Gill (Saleswoman of the day), Bartle Sawbridge, Caroline Hardman at London Transport Museum, with Paula pretending to be crowd.

would be a good place to try (though not apparently their on line shop)!

Brick Lane Bookshop: Stations Reading – the video

Peter Morgan and Caroline Hardman talk about their stories for STATIONS

Two more Stations Authors give us the low down on their stories.

Recordings from Brick Lane Books Stations Readings

We had a petite audience at the Brick Lane Bookshop, but we didn’t let that stop us having fun.

Here are snippets of the recordings – Tony Bell reading from Rob Walton’s Lenny Bolton Changes Trains lenny bolton changes trains

Caroline Hardman reading from Bloody Marys and a Bowl of Pho Caroline Hardman Bloody Marys & a Bowl of Pho

and Gloria Sanders reading from Katy Darby’s The Horror, the Horror the horror (gloria sanders)


The official Launch of Stations will be at

The Brunel Museum
Railway Avenue
Rotherhithe SE16 4LF

12:30- 2.30

We will be reading short extracts from the book in the museum itself while tours of the entrance hall of the Brunels’ tunnel and train tours of the floodlit tunnel leave the museum on the hour.

Special offers on the day only:

£1 off any book purchased, plus £1 off a tour taken on 2nd December, if you have bought a book. (we will provide pretty little tokens of some kind as evidence.)

Currently confirmed featured authors:
Cherry Potts (Rotherhithe)
Caroline Hardman (Hoxton)
Michael Trimmer (Haggerston)
Jacqueline Downs (Crystal Palace)
Bartle Sawbridge (Shadwell)
Peter Cooper (Highbury & Islington)
Louise Swingler (Highbury & Islington)
Rosalind Stopps ( Brockley & Norwood junction)
Katy Darby (Shoreditch High Street)
Ellie Stewart (Wapping)

Stations Authors take over the Overground

It’s always fun to get together with the authors, and yesterday we rode up and down the Overground, reading snippets from Stations. The plan was to all get on the same train, heading for Crystal Palace, but that didn’t quite work. We sorted it out in the end, and here’s a video!

Planning Ahead: Stations at Whitechapel

The Stations roadshow (or should that be railshow?) rolls on into January.  We will be reading at

Whitechapel Ideas Store, 321 Whitechapel Road, E1 1BU

on Thursday 17th January 2013. 18:00-20:00.

come and listen to tales of:

Dalston moving day with Wendy Gill

History comes to life at Rotherhithe with Cherry Potts

Estate Agents get more than they bargained for at Shadwell with Bartle Sawbridge

Vampires struggle to cope with modern Hoxton with Caroline Hardman

Love blossoms amongst the coffee cups fo Brockley for Rosalind Stopps

and Aliens interfere in Emily’s career plan at Haggerston with Michael Trimmer