The Story Sessions Freedom Tales

Story Sessions logo copyThe first of the new season of The Story Sessions is getting close now, as is the launch and tour of Liberty Tales, and we are going to have to practice ‘power napping’ in the afternoon to cope with all the late nights.

So what can you expect from The Story Sessions, and Freedom Tales in particular?

Stories! the food and drink of the evening, although there is of course food and drink too – we are in a Deli.

Before the interval: a song from resident actor/singer Annalie Wilson, followed by a story from David Steward and a poem from Andrew McCallum Liberty  read by Annalie, and a short TestBed story from Cherry Potts, Morality for Simple Girls (mainly so that people get an idea of what that’s for.)

INTERVAL – replenish your glasses/plates, write us 100 words on freedom, give written feedback on the TestBed session.

After the interval: another song from Annalie, then FLASH FROM THE FLOOR, your chance to wow us with 100 words on theme.

Followed by a story from Jim Cogan, Lag, a poem from Brian Johnstone  The Branded Hand read by Annalie, and finally a story from Liam Hogan,Stalemate

Freedom is never out of fashion. Wednesday 16th November 2016 7pm Brockley Deli 14a Brockley Cross SE4 1BE.

Closest station Brockley (Southern, Overground), and on bus routes: 171, 172, 484.


Arachne Feast & Festival at BrockleyMAX

Story Sessions logo copyThe Story Sessions are back – for a guest spot, maybe for good, depending… We are doing three events for BrockleyMAX. The first two are both on Saturday 30th May The Ladywell Gallery, (what used to be Misty Moon) behind The Ladywell Tavern 80 Ladywell Road SE13 7HS

Writing Workshop – Festival

5pm – 7pm Free; accompanied children over 10 welcome
Arachne Press presents a writing workshop on the theme of Festival. Get inspiration from the exhibition of photographs from previous BrockleyMAX festivals and write a new short story or poem, with the option to read it at The Story Sessions event in the evening.
 run by Cherry Potts
Story Sessions: Festival Tales
7.30pm – 9.30pm Free; accompanied children welcome
A live literature event with stories from Joan Taylor-Rowan and David Bausor, poems from Elinor Brooks (read by actor Miriam Lee) and Jennifer A McGowan on a festival theme. Circuses, Street parties and more. Join in with Flash from the Floor – your chance to read your own festival piece (max 100 words).
brockley max ladywell gallery
And finally, on Thursday 4th June at Brockley Deli 14a Brockley Cross, SE4 1BE
The Story Sessions: Feast Tales
8pm – 9pm Free entry; accompanied children 10+ welcome
A free live literature event all about food Stories from Rosalind Stopps, Joan Taylor-Rowan and Jason Jackson, Poems from Jennifer A McGowan and Rob Walton, plus an extract from Devilskein & Dearlove,our Carnegie Nominated young adult novel by Alex Smith – mostly read by our actor friends Peter Noble & Gloria Sanders.
Join us for a story set in a cheese shop, Cranberry Sauce as an excuse for an illicit meeting, trying to win friends with cookies and taking tea with a demon, plus poems about oranges and bay leaves! Order appropriate food to ‘taste-along’.

Hilly Fields Summer Fayre

Arachne Press will have a stall tomorrow at Hilly Fields Summer Fayre, Brockley SE4.

We will be selling our books, and our famous BADGES!  Local Arachne authors will be dropping by, so there’s a chance to get books signed as well, by whoever you coincide with.

However, if it POURS with rain we will go home, there’s no point ruining our stock!

Hilly Fields on a quiet day

Hilly Fields on a quiet day

dancers at a previous Hilly Fields Summer Fayre

dancers at a previous Hilly Fields Summer Fayre

Sonnet in praise of the Overground

I was at an informal poetry evening last night, hosted by Arachne Author Bartle Sawbridge. In a local wine bar a substantial number of people turned up to read their own poems and much-loved poems by other people on the theme of Journeys.

Among the many excellent poems was this one, read by its author Dominic Elliot, who has kindly agreed to let me feature it here, knowing Arachne’s obsession with the Overground. (You don’t know we are obsessed with the Overground? You haven’t read Stations yet then?)

So thank you Dominic!

The Overground service arrives in Brockley in 2010

The station approach from Coulgate Street will soon be grassy,
Already coffee-barred, it’s gently sloped and strewn with bark,
A bosky renaissance, designed to soothe and not to nark,
To cool, and calm, and foster finer feelings – not the arsy.
It’s cheerio to Charing Cross, the Overground is ‘ere!
It’s ‘ello Dalston, gliding in a single air-conditioned carriage,
Of squeezing, and security, of customers the perfect marriage;
From Penge to ‘Oxton, toiletless convenience without peer!

Rejoice!  However wrong, on screen and speaker all is clear.
Welcome or not, we now have Information!  ‘Oo needs a porter,
With updates and apologies dinning deep into the ear?
Rejoice!  the Info Age has dawned – and Info’s plentiful as water,
What’s more, as long as you touch in and out, trains ain’t as dear.
Rejoice!  for journeys now are frequent, and they’re shorter.

© Dominic Elliot 2013