Solstice Shorts Crowd Funding Reward: bespoke flash fiction

Unique Bespoke Festive Flash

£100 or more for print version 1 available from each participating author

£75 or more for electronic version 1 available from each participating author

A number of our authors have volunteered to write 100 word flash fiction especially for you (so far, Rob Walton, Mi Holliday Bernie Howley and Wendy Gill – others may follow). So you, or a friend/family member/ favourite cat/place will feature (depending on what details you provide. These will be UNIQUE pieces, they will never be published and it’s not just a case of changing the name. The story will be typeset and printed, sent to you as a festive card (please state your prefered festival, and which writer you would prefer – they are only doing one each) Includes cost of postage, or alternatively for the lower price, we can send you a pdf to print yourself.

All in support of Solstice Shorts Festival. Find this and more rewards on our crowd funding campaign