Small gifts – Crowd funding

Support our Crowd Fund and help us get our books and Outcome Exhibition out on Tour.

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Arachne Badge

We produce a limited run of badges for each of our books. they are 25mm across. We have at least 10 of each design left. They are hand cut so designs vary slightly. Take a look here and we’ll do our best to send you what you ask for.

finished badges

Solstice Shorts Supporter badge frozen sun black/ black&White/ clock

longestnight badges

longest night badges


London Lies badges - this year's must-have accessory

London Lies badges


Shortest Day Badges


Top line Devilskein & Dearlove badges 2nd Line Don’t Touch/ Other Side of Sleep x3/ Mosaic of Air 3rd line London Lies/Weird Lies/ Lovers’ Lies/ Stations bottom Line Story Sessions/longest night/ solstice shorts supporters

crowd funding badges for Longest Night

More perks for contributors to our crowd fund for Longest Night, the second Solstice Shorts festival:

Badges! You know you love a badge, well I do anyway.

several options, a handful of last years designs left, and a limited edition one for this year: both designs are 2.5 cm wide and £5 each.longestnight badges

finished badges