Love is in the Air

Announcing the authors and stories included in Lovers’ Lies, our next collaboration with Liars’ League, which will be out at the end of January, together with a reprint of my twenty-year-old collection Mosaic of Air.

A Time and Place Unknown Jason Jackson
Alternative Navigations Nichol Wilmor
By The Horns Darren Lee
Cages Swinging Tom Conoboy
Dara Jessica Lott
For Your Ears Only Bartle Sawbridge
Games I’ve played Nathan Good
How to Survive the Olympics with a Broken Heart Rosalind Stopps
Surf and Turf Mi L. Williams
Mirror Cherry Potts
Monsieur Fromage Rosalind Stopps
Mrs. Murdoch & Mr. Smith Peter Higgins
Painter and Physicist Tania Hershman
Sacred Duty Mexican Mothers Michael McLaughlin
Skin Deep Michelle Shine
Something Missing Bobbie Darbyshire
Speaking in Tongues Rebecca Gould
Takeaway Emma Henderson
Tasting Flight Catherine Sharpe
Things Rob Cox
This Isn’t Heat Richard Smyth
Under the Influence Claire Sandling

Keep an eye out for more info on the authors as we upload it.

Typesetting is almost finished and proofs will be going out to the authors by the end of the week.

Cover designs have started coming in, and there are some wonderful, and some weird & wonderful, interpretations of the brief. (Katy! Have Liars’ League done a Weird & Wonderful theme yet?)  In fact, some covers could (with tweaking of the text elements) do for either book, and we will consider them under both headings. Sadly, some artists have not read the brief, and will have to be excluded for not meeting the basic criteria. The deadline, if you are planning of putting in  a cover design entry is 8am THIS SATURDAY!