Actually looking out the window right now you could be forgiven for thinking it had already arrived:
One month, one hour and a few minutes from now DUSK will arrive and wend its way south and west from Aberdeen to Redruth, in a wave… of words and music.

WE HAVE OUR FUNDING! In my head I am doing Kermit-like yaay‘s with much waving of arms, but the calm exterior belies it. Must stay calm and get on with the work! No time for frivolity. Haven’t actually sent the yes, thank you stuff to ACE yet, saving that for tomorrow and a clear head.

Thanks also to Feast, Cornwall County Council, Nottingham City Council, Kelston Records and all the private individuals who have made or donated crowd funding rewards, or given us money through the crowd fund or individually, and all the organisers who have been giving their time free so far in confidence that we would get there. What a brilliant crowd of people.

Tickets will be available very shortly.

Shortlists, posters and all that jazz, also VERY soon.


Here’s a little logo to prove it.


Solstice Shorts Festival Arts Council Funding confirmed

Phew! After a bit of a false start when one of the match funders went silent and we had to go back to the Arts Council with a revised budget, today, we got confirmation that the money is finding it way through the labyrinth of the banking system into our bank account. NOW I can really get my teeth into organising! Zipidee-doo-dah, Zippidee-ay! Calloo Callay! etc. etc.


Solstice Shorts Festival is happening!

We’ve got our funding offer from The Arts Council, and we got our crowd funding, and several donations from private individuals, so we are just waiting to hear from our final match-funder.

We are working on the basis that they WILL fund us, or if they don’t, we will find the remaining money somehow, somewhere. So we are gearing up for the whole shebang, starting with the competition to find 12 NEW stories on the theme of time.

So WRITERS: starting tomorrow, Sunday 21st September (autumn equinox – we do love a theme) the competition is open. You can find the guidelines and the link to the submission platform on our Solstice Shorts Page. The competition CLOSES 31st October.

sun half and half