We are seeking only commissioned work or responses to call outs (mainly for inclusion in anthologies). Keep an eye on our posts for new call outs – we encourage you to submit for anthologies and events – if we like your work enough to publish single items more than once, we might ask to see more…

We want to receive submissions from Deaf writers and Blind writers. You can submit by BSL in a video or by audio file if that’s easier for you, more details on our Submittable page.

Current submission calls:

DEADLINE EXTENDED TO 7TH OCTOBER! This year’s Solstice Shorts Festival : Noon via submittable


Please ONLY Apply via Submittable  unless explicitly told to do something else!

Any unsolicited submissions not related to callouts will not be read! You have been warned.

This information  will help you to get accepted:

We will not under any circumstances publish erotica, and we aren’t keen on horror of any kind, gore or torture.  We detest sexist stereotypes and deplore derivative plotlines, sloppy writing and clichés, and are bored by romance and chick-lit. Other than that we will consider most genres provided they are beautifully written, imaginative, and have narrative substance and persuasive characterisation, it would be a REALLY good idea to explore the information on this website – there are video and audio extracts and descriptions of what we’ve already published dotted about all over the place, so have a dig about and get a feel for what makes us send single word email responses that say – Yes. (some of our authors can vouch for this, we really do do it).

We cannot afford to pay advances (yet) , but will pay royalties.

We don’t want to see first drafts! Third draft, maybe! If you don’t think it’s ready don’t send it, there are agencies who will give you feedback on your first draft, they charge.

Very ocassionally we do picture books, but they would have to be truly exceptional to be considered, due to the costs involved in producing them.

The following only applies if we have opened general submissions, and that will be highlit at the top of this page, if it isn’t DON’T SEND us anything.

If you are planning on sending a collection, we would like it to be a collection, not just everything you’ve ever written held together with an elastic band. If you discover a theme in what you’ve written, then exclude things that don’t fit, and think about an order for your stories. We want to read what you think is your best work, not the things you rushed off over a cup of coffee.

In the first instance contact us to see if we would potentially be interested. If we  want to read more, we will contact you and tell you how to send and what.

We will confirm receipt, after that you will dwell in silence and darkness until we have something to say, please don’t make enquiries, we’ll be as quick as we can.

One of the things we do at Arachne Press is treat authors (and potential authors) how we’d like to be treated ourselves. This doesn’t mean we will read all 1200 pages of your epic if we don’t like the first three chapters, life is too short. It does mean that if we reject your work you may be offered brief feedback. More detailed feedback is available for a fee. It will always be honest. If we think there’s a market for your work elsewhere, we will point you to it. If you’d rather we didn’t give you feedback tell us so. Personally, we’d rather someone told us we were wasting our time, or what was so awful about it, than a polite no thank you; but it is up to you.

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