Solstice Shorts Stories & Songs performed at Royal Observatory Midday 21st December 2014

The complete line up for the middle session taking us up to 1:30 at Solstice Shorts Festival, at the iconic Royal Observatory Greenwich.

Our BSL interpreters wish it to be known that this is not what they consider performance standard signing, they needed a chance to rehearse with the performers for that, but you will be able to follow the stories and songs.


Katy Darby reads Death and Other Rituals by Tannith Perry


SONGS performed by Ian Kennedy & Sarah Lloyd

Dust to Dust (Thompson)

On Monday Morning (Trad)

Ray Newe reads A Few Minutes of Your Time by David Turnbull


SONGS performed by Ian Kennedy & Sarah Lloyd

Twenty One Years

John Anderson (Burns)

Grey Funnel Line (Tawney)


Robert Shearman reads his story, Simultaneous


SONGS performed by Ian Kennedy & Sarah Lloyd

Dashing Away With a Smoothing Iron (Trad)

I Courted a Sailor (Trad)

Shepherd o Shepherd (Trad)


Sarah Feathers reads Stone Baby by Sarah Evans


SONGS (written and) performed by Shadrack Tye

The Task

Lovers’ Tale


Jonathan Rice reads I Thought I Had Time by Helen Morris


SONGS performed by Shadrack Tye

Another Way

Have You Ever Thought

The Pilgrimage

We haven’t embedded the videos for the songs because the copyright licence gets too complicated. If you click on the link you can watch the performances on YouTube.






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