Solstice Shorts Short Story Competition

Call Out for Short Story Writers.

IMG_8826Solstice Shorts Festival
A literature and folk music festival on the theme of TIME
for Short Story Day on the shortest day of the year
21st December 2014
from sunrise (8.04) to sunset (15.53).

Competition NOW CLOSED


sun invertedWhat we are looking for:

Stories (not poems, not memoir, not other kinds of non-fiction – just short fiction)

IMG_8828on the theme of TIME – in any way that the writers choose to interpret it:

past, present, future
morning, noon, night,
days, months, seasons, years
time measured, time spent, time lost, time wasted, entropy
clocks, sundials, hourglasses…
from nanoseconds to eonsIMG_8829

Stories must be:
All your own work
Written in English
unpublished in print or on-line, and
unbroadcast in any medium
between 1700 and 2200 words long.

IMG_8823The competition is open to anyone resident in the UK writing in English.
Entry fee for the competition will be £5 per story, you can enter as many as you like.


Judges: Imogen Robertson, Anita Sethi, Alison Moore, Robert Shearman.

12 writers will be chosen for the Solstice Shorts Festival, and have their story read live by either themselves or an actor on the 21st December, alongside stories from the judges. (A new story every half hour from sunrise to sunset.)

We hope the entire festival performance will be broadcast live on the internet (funding permitting) but it will definitely be available as a podcast thereafter.
All 12 chosen stories will be published in electronic and/or print anthology together with stories from the 4 judges.

You will also be invited to contribute to a workshop being held during the afternoon, hosted by Spread the Word.

all 12 winners will also receive:
a small silly trophy
a selection of Arachne Press books.

IMG_8842Judges recommendation writers will, in addition, receive one of 4 free Debut Friend status with Spread the Word, or 1 membership of New Writing South.






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