Time and Tide: Maryport

21st December 2019

at The Settlement, Castle Hill, High Street, Maryport, Cumbria, CA15 6BQ

Main event noon to 3pm

open mic sessions: 10:30 – 11:30 and 15:00 – 16:00

contact: barbara.renel@yahoo.com       Food and drink by Her Citi, Maryport

Tickets by Donation

We are trying to get a BSL interpreter but the time of year, day of week and ‘remoteness’ of venue are proving a stumbling block. We will keep this site up to date with progress.

How do tides affect our lives? How has that changed through history?

Making a living on or by the sea – fishermen and pirates, wreckers and dockers – making a new life across the sea – escaping pograms and wars, and the endlessly travelling – to paddlers and wild swimmers.

Salina’s Harbour by by Nicola Reed
Here and Gone by John Chambers

Additional songs from Giocoso choir.

Readings by Alex Morrison, Becca Roberts, Ben Brinicombe, Jenny Pike

Arrival by Valerie Bence
Bosun’s Locker by Sarah Tait
False Light by John Richardson
Fisherman’s Daughter by Claire Booker
Frocks of Passage by Mandy Macdonald
Hawser by Sarah Tait
How Women Came to Tristan Da Cunha by Claire Booker
I Nearly Drownded, Daddy by Vivien Jones
In the Shadows, On the Shore, Leith by Jane Aldous
Napoleon by Nick Westerman
On a Day Like This by Savanna Evans
Open Water (film) by Philip Hewitson and Susan Cartwright-Smith
Paddling by Lynn White
Points of Interest by Olivia Dawson
Sea Lessons by Ness Owen
Sisterhood of The Seas by Alison Lock
The Arctic Diaries Bird Wife by Melissa Davies
The Arctic Diaries: Halibut by Melissa Davies
The Arctic Diaries: Lookout Men by Melissa Davies
The Arctic Diaries: Seaweed by Melissa Davies
The Arctic Diaries: Værøy by Melissa Davies
The nth Wave by Math Jones
The Sinking of Mrs Margaret Brown by Michelle Penn
The Watchers by Elizabeth Parker
Tulpaner Och Liljekonvaljer by Carl Alexandersson
We Dig the Pig by Angel Warwick
Woman from North India on Bostadh Beach by Elinor Brooks

Ballast by Diana Powell
The Fisherman’s Wife by Linda McMullen
Herr Dressler by Eoghan Hughes
Listen, Noah’s Wife by Roppotucha Greenberg
Metharme by CB Droege
The Professor’s Daughter by Barbara Renel
The Dowager Duchess of Berwick-upon-Tweed by Rob Walton

Supported using public funding from Arts Council England

and private funding from 50 crowdfunders, and Arachne Press.