Solstice Shorts 2019: Time and Tide

In its 6th Year, Solstice Shorts Festival is an international festival on one day, and this year we were in seven port towns in four countries.

Once again the festival was held on 21st December.

Our theme was


Performed live by actors (or the author) historically tinged stories, poems and songs of making a living on or beside the water, and making new lives over the water.

How do tides affect our lives? How has that changed through history?

Making a living on or by the sea – fishermen and pirates, wreckers and dockers – making a new life across the sea – escaping pogroms and wars, the shipwrecked and the endlessly travelling – to paddlers and wild swimmers.

We performed in seven port towns on coasts and on tidal rivers, in four countries: England, Scotland, Wales and Portugal.

Follow the links for more details of what happened at each venue.





Oeiras (Lisbon)  Portugal


Supported using public funding from Arts Council England

Aberdeenshire Council

Literature Wales

and private funding from 50 crowdfunders, and Arachne Press.