Solstice Shorts and BSL Interpretation

When planning a festival there are some obvious things you need – somewhere to hold it, people to perform, marketing to make sure there’s an audience, that kind of thing. What is often ignored, forgotten or rejected as too expensive, is making the event properly accessible.

Solstice Shorts this year is quite a small festival. It will last just under two hours in 45 minute bursts, and the twelve venues across the UK are mostly quite small. Nonetheless, we are getting everything BSL interpreted, including the music.

Tell your Deaf friends – and come along and enjoy the beauty of signing, whether you use it to communicate or not.
complete DUSK programme

We are still looking for an interpreter for Inverness – we’ve had two lined up and drop out, we are determined to find someone – so if YOU know someone PLEASE let us know!

Ray Newe and interpreter Paul Michaels (by Katy Darby)

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