Kate Foley

Kate FoleyKate Foley is a widely published, prize-winning poet who has read in many UK and European locations. Her first collection, Soft Engineering was short listed for best first collection at Aldeburgh.
Her working life has ranged from delivering babies to conserving delicate archaeological material.  She became Head of English Heritage’s scientific and technical research laboratories. Although she has always written poetry it wasn’t until she gave up the day job that she began to publish more widely.
She now lives with her wife, between Amsterdam and Suffolk, where she performs, writes, edits, leads workshops and whenever possible works with artists in other disciplines. Her 5th full collection, One Window North, was published in 2012, and her poem The Other Side of Sleep, the title poem for Arachne Press’ first poetry anthology, won the 2014 Second Light Long Poem competition.

We published Kate’s collection, The Don’t Touch Garden in October 2015

She also provided the title poem for The Other Side of Sleep our narrative poetry collection, and Jail Break for Liberty Tales.

Other works

Soft Engineering Onlywomen Press, 1994,
U A Fanthorpe‘…the heart speaks with patient accuracy…of all kinds of love in which attention and feeling are finely tuned…’

A Year Without Apricots, Blackwater Press, 1999
UA. Fanthorpe. ‘…a brilliant touch with imagery, a light exact way with words, and a whole basketful of unexpected perspectives…a Hughes- like visual accuracy…’

Laughter from the Hive Shoestring Press, 2004
Dilys Wood‘…breathtakingly original….’ UA Fanthorpe ‘…a rare thing, a poet with the candid Dutch, exact gaze…the gift of precise mystery…’

The Silver Rembrandt Shoestring Press, 2008
Timothy Hyman, painter and critic: ‘…with all the material a novelist might engage with, yet shaped with the wrought intensity and resource of poetic language’ Penelope Shuttle:‘…Foley uses a remarkable exactness and fluidity of language…to depict…the hard work of firstly claiming the self then mending the self.’

One Window North Shoestring Press, 2012
Dilys Wood, ‘So many poems here combine intimacy with forcefulness…humour with deep seriousness…conveying the impression that each small event is bound in a greater whole…’

 A Fox Assisted Cure (pamphlet) Shoestring Press 2012
Rachel Playforth, ‘…a wonderful narrative poem…brilliant characterisation…’

Night and Other Animals (pamphlet) Green Lantern Press, 2002
Catherine Byron, ‘…words a burnt pokerwork on the skin…’

 One Window North Shoestring Press, 2012 ISBN: 978-1-907356-63-6


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