Math Jones

Math Jones - Geoff Robinson, photographerMath Jones was born in London, but lives in Worcester. A pagan in the Old English and Norse tradition, he often writes poetry on the stories and in the metres of that tradition. He also writes more usual verses, narrative, comic, mystical, performing throughout the Midlands and London. A bookseller for many years, he retrained in 2008 to be an actor, and has been acting professionally since then, as Math Sams. He is currently understudy to a major role in a West End show.

Math has published two poems in Melpomene (anthology); two in Northern Traditions (anthology); three in Ripples (anthology); individual poems in various magazines: Decanto, Iota, Be, Hex, Ravenbred, Lina, The Wain, Withowinde, Kvasir, Pagan Dawn. Self-published collection: Eaglespit.

Math describes his poem for The Other Side of Sleep, Grithspell, as two tribes of gods meeting to declare an end to their war.
(Grith is an Old English, ie Anglo-Saxon, word for truce; spell in that period is a word for something spoken.)

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