Jill Sharp

SONY DSCJill is a founder member and former secretary of Swindon’s BlueGate Poets. She tutors for the Open University, runs creative writing workshops and thinks the limerick a greatly underrated poetic form. She posts limerick tweets @LaLimericista

Her poems have appeared most recently in The Listening Walk (Bath Poetry Cafe), In Protest (Human Rights Consortium, London University) Issue 14 of 14 Magazine (Special edition), Mslexia, Poems in the Waiting Room and online at Ink Sweat & Tears and And Other Poems.

Jill describes her poem for The Other Side of Sleep, On the Hunt with Mr Actaeon as the myth of Diana & Actaeon played out as a modern tale of lust, pursuit, rejection.

Her poem On Reflection will be read at The Solstice Shorts Festival 2016: Shortest Day and is in the Shortest Day, Longest Night Anthology.

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