It’s all go… new books!

It’s a busy day: just sent the files for Math JonesThe Knotsman to the printer, and confirmed the launch: Wednesday 10th April 7.30 at Nell of Old Drury (this link is quite flakey you might find their Facebook page easier) 29 Catherine Street, Covent Garden, London WC2B 5JS

just TAKEN DELIVERY of Noon… (launch(es) still being tied down, but expect Aberdeen London and possibly Cork)

and tomorrow is the launch in Wales, of Jeremy Dixon‘s In Retail.




Lovers’ Lies is HERE!

Lovers' Lies Advance copies

Lovers’ Lies Advance Copies

Ta-Da! I only phoned the printer (T J International) this morning anxious that the books might be delayed by snow between Cornwall and London, and lo, at lunchtime the books arrived. One box had ripped open but no damage to the books. Phew! Safely where I can start sending out review copies and have plenty for the launch on Sunday at Keats House. Everyone welcome. Any magazine or blog wanting to review, please get in touch if you haven’t heard from us by the end of the week!

150 years of London Underground.

So it turns out the London Underground is 150 next year.  How come I didn’t know that? Publication of Stations couldn’t come at a better time, TfL and the Transport Museum are doing all sorts of lovely things, and there we are, celebrating the newest line in the stable.  I love serendipity.

Proofs arrived from the printers this morning, together with a few covers which look wonderful.  Not long now!  And you only have 6 days left to vote for your favourite London lie, or enter the flash fiction competition.  Don’t be shy!

Proofs and attention to detail – no problem

The proofs for Stations have arrived from the printer, after spending most of this week fighting with my software to get the colours on the cover right, the first thing I spot when I open the envelope is that I’ve put the wrong price on the back. Frantic phone call to printer TJ International in Cornwall. No problem.

Then I spot a mistake (mine) on the VERY LAST PAGE. That can’t be let go. Frantic email to printer. No Problem. (Or as the main character in the Canada Water story  would say No Prob.)

I like my printers. Off to make the corrections.