Cheltenham Poetry Festival video-recordings-photos

A very satisfactory trip to Cheltenham – here with, some brief recordings of our wonderful poets reading from The Other Side of Sleep at Cheltenham Poetry Festival on Saturday.

IMG_9749Bernie Howley


IMG_9750Math Jones




IMG_9753 Angela France


Jeremy Dixon (minus photo, sorry)

and Kate Foley and Jennifer A McGowan being read by Cherry Potts, as they were both unwell on the day.

And finally s tiny bit of video: Angela France’s poem LÏr considers the impact of the story on the storyteller, and Math Jones’ poem Grithspell is, potentially,  one of those stories

John Gaffen’s photos from Other Worlds

Just a quick link to John’s pictures on Facebook for last night’s triumphant celebration of our award, (Have I mentioned the award?) as part of BrockleyMax, at Misty Moon Gallery.

Thanks to the wonderful Carrie Cohen, Sarah Feathers, Sean Patterson, Lisa Rose, Tony Bell and Silas Hawkins, who did our Weird and Lovers’ stories proud. Thanks to Stuart & Jen for hosting. Video of the event up soon.The sharp-eyed will spot some pictures that aren’t people – that’s the trailer for Devilskein & Dearlove which we previewed last night, it went down very well!

The Story Sessions photos from Feminist Fables & Folk Tales

So here’s the photos from last night’s belated celebration of INternational Women’s Day at the Ivy House

Jelena Curcic tells us about the Maiden who could outrun a Horse

Jelena Curcic tells us about the Maiden who could outrun a Horse

cherry folk tales2

Cherry Potts reveals what is in the Bone Box…

Carrie Cohen Flips thorugh Frog by Emily Cleaver

Carrie Cohen ‘Flips’ through Frog by Emily Cleaver

A flash fable from Anny Knight

A flash fable from Anny Knight

Cath Blackfeather gets to the point of Sleeping Beauty

Cath Blackfeather gets to the point of Sleeping Beauty

LGBT history month round up

Well it’s been a tiring month, but productive – sold quite a few books, made some new friends and had a laugh.

you can find video/ audio/ photos of the various events we’ve been involved in here:

LoSoCo LGBT History event 27th February 2014

Cafe of Good Hope LGBT History event 26th February 2014

Crofton Park Library LGBT History event 21st February 2014

The Story Sessions: Queer Tales 19th February 2014

Walthamstow Library LGBT History event 12th February 2014

North Kensington Library LGBT History event 11th February 2014

Lewisham Library LGBT History event 6th February 2014

We aren’t quite so busy for March, although there is of course The Story Sessions on the 12th, and Cherry, Katy and Bartle are at TLW LexiCON in Faversham 14th and 15th.  We will also be busy typesetting  Devilskein & Dearlove, and reading through the submissions for the poetry anthology.

Weird Lies Fantasy reading at Misty Moon

Here are some photos from the reading which formed the second half of our launch activities for Weird Lies and Mosaic of Air, to a capacity audience (hurrah!) at Misty Moon last night.

Cherry Potts (who read Penelope is No Longer Waiting from Mosaic of Air)  is missing from these as she was taking the pictures (copyright etc, etc). Hoping the other camera person in the room is willing to share (hello, John).

From Weird Lies, Angela Trevithick read her own take on the Rapunzel story, Fuzzby & Coo, David McGrath read his (based on fact) story, The Elephant in the Tower; Rebecca J Payne‘s story of hunger, manners and demons Hollow Man was read by Cliff Chapman, and Alistair Lock read Tom McKay‘s What Does H2O Feel like to the Tadpoles? which is a very strange story indeed.

Photos from Weird Lies Launch

All photos © Andrew Petrie 2013

A few pictures from the launch of Mosaic of Air and Weird Lies at the planetarium at Royal Observatory Greenwich (who were absolutely LOVELY) . We had a glorious star show (hence the incredible lack of light in the reading pictures) and we had a song from Summer All Year Long, and some weird and wonderful stories.

The full gallery of photos can be found here 

Big thank you to Andrew for managing to get such great pictures in next to no light.

watch this space for video – need to edit it first!

Misty Moon Weird Lies Photos

Some photos of the readers at Sunday’s Preview event for Weird Lies at Misty Moon Gallery.

Thanks to John Gaffen of White Windmill Photography for sharing his photos with us.

Alistair Lock  copyright John Gaffen

Alistair Lock
copyright John Gaffen

Sophie Aldred Misty Moon 2 Copyright John gaffen

Sophie Aldred Copyright John Gaffen

Ray Newe Misty Moon 3 copyright John gaffen

Ray Newe copyright John Gaffen

Cliff Chapman Mistymoon2 copyright John Gaffen

Cliff Chapman copyright John Gaffen

Cherry Potts Copyright John Gaffen