World Poetry Day

Today is World Poetry Day!

buy a poetry book, we have lots!

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P is for poetry!


our most recently published poetry book

In all seriousness, we are racing to get all our poetry converted into ebooks so that self isolators (and those still putting themselves at risk in essential jobs for that matter) can get at them with ease. We didn’t do this before because we are perfectionists and we dont like what it does to the formatting – and we are reducing the price of all our ebooks to 99p for the duration. Someone else is setting that up for us so not sure if they are all sorted yet…

If you want to sample the wares, there are lots of videos and audio files dotted about the website, especially in the blog, and we are TODAY doing a virtual launch on our Facebook Page. join us from 2pm to about 3.30, for a mix of short stories and poems.

Cherry Potts Introduction 2.00
Neil Lawrence Diaspora 2.05
Lizzie Parker Overlord with Declan 2.20
Lizzie Parker The Watchers 2.30
Elizabeth Hopkinson A Madras Crossing 2.40
Ness Owen Sea Lessons 2.50
CB Droege Metharme 2.52
Claire Booker Fisherman’s daughter 3.00
Claire Booker How women Came to Tristan da Cunha 3.05
Emily Bullock Man Overboard prerecorded 3.10
Laura Potts First Light prerecorded 3.25

DUSK: where to find the live uploads on 21st December

On December 21st from 17:07 until 18:20, Live video will be available on Facebook at the following times and sites. All events will be BSL interpreted and most of the video – not all of our interpreters are willing to be filmed.

Ellon 17:07-17:54

Inverness 17:15-18:02 (Inverness playwrights)

Greenwich 17:16-17:57

Nottingham 17:17-17:59

Carlisle 17:18-18:02 (Carlisle Patchwork Opera)

Rossendale 17:19-18:02

Lancaster 17:20-18:03

Birmingham 17:21-18:03

Bristol 17:27-18:07

Ynys Mon 17:30-18:12

Warkleigh 17:33-18:14

Redruth 17:40-18:20