A quick question about audio books

We had a survey to help us decide where to focus our attention, and one of the questions was set up wrong! Thank you to everyone who struggled through and did their best to tell us what they meant, despite it. It was hard to get any real stats from so we are having another go, just with this one crucial question.

Please spare us a second or two to answer this question!

Your assistance is much appreciated! Please don’t tell us what you think we want to hear, it could lead to expensive mistakes.

Arachneversary video 7: Kate Foley

Poet Kate Foley and editor Cherry Potts discuss Kate’s two Arachne poetry collections, The Don’t Touch Garden, and A Gift of Rivers.

you can buy both books (on sale throughout August) from our Webshop 

just add ARACHNEVERSARY  at checkout to get your discount.

The Don’t Touch Garden is also available as an audio book.

Sounds of Arachne – support our crowd fund

We don’t just do print! We now have Audio books – well, one.

Pledge £5 or more in our crowd fund to raise cash for DUSK and receive The Don’t Touch Garden Audio book – poems written and read by Kate Foley

Our first audio book, hot off the mixing desk, not available in shops until January. Available as a downloadable MP3.

Or if music is more your thing, Pledge £12 or more to receive a Ticket to Ride CD  from Vocal Chords Choir, our regular collaborators on Solstice Shorts, singing songs with a travel theme. There is only ONE of these available