The what how and why of Story Cities

At the launch of Story Cities, editors Rosamund Davies, Kam Rehal and Cherry Potts talk about the What, How and Why of bringing the book to fruition.


Intrigued? you can order a copy direct from us at our webshop

crowd fund reward: original artwork

SIX days to go:

This is an original limited edition black & white lino print of the art work by Ed Boxall for The Old Woman from Friuli.

image size approx 200x270mm on much larger sheet high quality paper.

yours for £60!

head over to our crowdfund to get it. we only have one!


Solstice Shorts Dusk: Crowd Fund reward 2: Original Art

We try to make our Crowd fund rewards varied and desirable, (as desirable as the projects we are trying to fund!) and we are helped in that by the generosity of our authors and artists.

Here’s a spectacular reward:

An original oil painting from cover artist Kevin Threlfall. About 30cm square (12″ for those of my vintage) Mist Descending, is painted on canvas board and unframed to make posting it affordable.(Someone has pledged for this one, but the prints are still available, see below!)

Kevin did the covers for Weird Lies, Happy Ending NOT Guaranteed and With Paper for Feet.

A versatile artist happy in many media, and also a generous one. If you can’t stretch to original art we have prints available too. Find these and other epic rewards on our Crowd fund

#Arachne5 thank you Artists

Over the years (five of them!) we’ve published books (16 of them!) and that’s meant we’ve needed covers.

Some of them I’ve done myself either due to lack of funds or because I had a good idea and a photo that would work, others we’ve had competitions to find artists, and yet more we’ve gone back to artists we’ve worked with because we LOVE their designs. (Some we would like to have gone back to but they aren’t doing book covers any more.)

Mostly they are shy folk and don’t much show their faces, but we still want to give them all a thank you.

Thank you to:

Annie Rickard Straus (Lovers’ Lies)






Zoe Lee (The Other Side of Sleep)






Melina Traub (Mosaic of Air)






Gail Brodholt (Stations)






Lucy Reynolds (The Dowry Blade)






Karen Keogh (London Lies, Foraging)






Ed Boxall (Devilskein & Dearlove, The Old Woman from Friuli)






Kevin Thelfall (Weird Lies, With Paper for Feet, Happy Ending NOT Guaranteed)






Gordy Wright (Brat, and forthcoming: Spellbinder, Wolftalker and possibly A Gift of Rivers – no image yet only asked him this week)

Come to the PARTY on the 8th September.

Tour posters have arrived

This could almost pass for organised.

Tour posters for With Paper for Feet and Happy Ending NOT Guaranteed

Just got to get them out to the venues and other willing post-uppers now.

(both cover designs by Kevin Threlfall btw)


Stretching the #Outcome Crowd Fund target

6 days to go and already we’ve reached our crowd fund target. Tom (our photographer) and I have had a conversation about what we can reasonably stretch to.

SO feeling rather cheeky, but we’ve costed out printing up and mounting A1 copies of 80  for the launch exhibition, many of which would be reused in the touring exhibition.

Shockingly wide variation depending on how we approach it, but we are confident we can do it to the quality we need for £840.

Rather than just sit back we would like go all out to see if we can reach this additional target in the next 6 days!

If you would like to help us reach this further target the crowdfund is here.

Lots of treats available.

Exhibiting Outcome at Student Pride (A2)
Exhibiting Outcome at Student Pride (A2)

posters have arrived

The countdown to solstice shorts Longest Nights continues – The posters and flyers have arrived!

Watch out for them locally. You can book tickets in advance or turn up on the night. Anyone local who can help with displaying a poster (A4) or leafleting streets and businesses in the Greenwich area please get in touch!

flyers &posters

Bespoke flash short story greeting cards

We try to be imaginative with our crowd fund rewards. Here’s an idea: Cherry has been creating ridiculous cards for friends for years made from found images and single sentence or flash stories; and for a while sold them. You can have your (or a friend’s) name(s) inserted into the silliness that is a ‘daft dyke’ card. Lots to choose from, which will be printed individually for you for a paltry fiver.


you can find more information here.

What are we crowd funding for? Solstice Shorts 2015, Longest Night, of course!

You can order your card(s) here.

Kevin Threlfall Prints for Longest Night Crowd Fund

Kevin Threlfall-Weird Lies cover designs 3 v3 front onlyOne of the lovely things about running a tiny publishing house is that you get involved in all the decisions and every element of the process, including the covers, which leads on to getting to know, however slightly, a lot of artists and designers. One such artist is Kevin Threlfall, who did the cover for our award-winning anthology Weird Lies.

We also had a wonderful design for Mosaic of Air from Kevin, which ultimate we decided not to use, because we are hanging in to it for an as yet unfinished novel for which it will work even better.

Mosaic of Air-Kevin Threlfall-v2Kevin exhibited with us at our first ever Cover Artists’ show in September 2014, and kindly said that we could keep whatever did not sell, and use it however we saw fit.

How we saw fit is to offer the four remaining prints as rewards for thecrowd fund for  Solstice Shorts Festival 2015: Longest Night.

These are they:








As you can see, the blue bird print has already gone, (thank you Wendy!) but if you likethe look of them,the other three are available at £100 a piece plus postage, from our Indiegogo campaign page.

Each print is approximately 400mm wide by 500mm high and printed on canvas.

test run with the enormous Solstice Shortsbanner

SolShorts BannerYou buy something on line and when it arrives it is A) ENORMOUS and B) a bit complicated, so the sensible thing is to test how long it takes to put up (8 minutes but it’ll be quicker when I don’t spend three minutes staring at it thinking, that can’t be right – it wasn’t) and take down (3, but then another 5 to pack it all  into its carry case.)

Rather fetching though!