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help us plug the gap on the funding of DUSK the solstice shorts festival 2017 buy a Tshirt. we are placing the order tomorrow (Sat 6th)

You can also buy a copy of the anthology of stories and poems from the festival: Dusk.

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Crowd funding for Dusk – the T-shirts

Everyone loves a t-shirt, well most people do. We are particularly proud of our latest designs available over on our rejuvenated Crowd Fund 

to support this year’s Solstice Shorts Festival: Dusk

for £16 plus postage the black T, sporting our DUSK logo.

Dusk T-shirt

or for £15 plus postage, our #Arachne5 T, featuring all 18 of our books so far, arranged into a no-nonsense ‘5‘.

Both these T shirts come up a little small compared to your average T, so order a size larger than normal to be on the safe size. Black in S-XXL, White in S-XXXL

Arachne5 t- shirt

Crowdfund rewards for readers


Pledge £5 or more in our Crowd fund to support the Solstice Shorts Festival 2017 (Dusk) and get one of our #Arachne5 booksthe first 5 books we published:

Or all of them for £25!

#Arachne5 Free Books available to Libraries

Free Books available to Libraries (our first 5 titles available free to bona fide libraries – you just pay for delivery get in touch)

London Lies ISBN: 978-1-909208-00-1 In collaboration with Liars’ League, featuring unlikely tales set in London.

Stations: Short Stories Inspired by the Overground Line  ISBN: 978-1-909208-01-8 A story for every station from New Cross, Crystal Palace, and West Croydon at the Southern extremes of the East London line all the way to Highbury & Islington.

Lovers’ Lies ISBN: 978-1-909208-02-5 A second collaboration with Liars’ League, bringing the freshness, wit, imagination and passion of their authors to stories of love.

Weird Lies  ISBN: 978-1-909208-10-0 WINNER of the Saboteur2014 Best Anthology Award. A third Liars’ League collaboration – more than twenty stories varying in style from tales not out of place in One Thousand and One Nights to the completely bemusing.

Mosaic of Air Cherry Potts ISBN: 978-1-909208-03-2 FANTASY/SCI-FI/ CONTEMPORARY
Sixteen short stories from a lesbian perspective.

We’ve always received a great deal of support from libraries, (Lewisham, Kensington & Chelsea and Greenwich in particular) helping us with venues for readings and more high profile events, like the Solstice Shorts Festival which has been hosted by Better Libraries in Greenwich for three years now, and our Anniversary party being held at Manor House Library in Lewisham (managed by V22), and want to return the compliment. Our only stipulations are that the library pays for the delivery, and that books go into stock, and aren’t sold to raise funds. That way we both benefit, as our authors will receive Public Lending Rights fees.

Our first take-up for this offer has come from Merton Libraries and the books are packed and ready to go!

get in touch



Crowd funding treat – mug

If you were perhaps to feel inclined to support our crowd fund, one of the MANY delights awaiting you for a modest £10 is this mug that celebrates our 5th anniversary, and features every book we’ve published so far.

To help us publish more, and run more events, (on this occasion Dusk, the 4th Solstice Shorts Festival) we from time to time ask the Arts Council for help, and they (quite rightly) ask us to match fund, so we crowd fund.

We’d sooner be getting on with the process of choosing and publishing lovely books, but the funding is made bearable by the lovely ideas our authors come up with, and the lovely people who help us out. join in!

#Arachne5 I missed Jeremy!

I don’t know how that happened – actually I do, the live feed on Facebook of Jeremy Dixon reading In Retail (xxiii) (from The Other Side of Sleep) was getting so many plays I forgot to upload the more professionally recorded version!

Here it is…

And here is audio of him reading his Liberty Tales poems, later in the evening when I had run out of camera battery

Jeremy is joining us at The Poetry Book Fair at Conway Hall this Saturday, and will be reading from around 4.30 in the garden cafe in Red Lion Square, alongside Sarah James and Lisa Kelly.

Jeremy is on our list of people to publish over the next three years. Just got to land some funding!

#Arachne5 Wednesdays will never be the same again

Carrie Cohen reads part of David MathewsWednesday Afternoons from Solstice Shorts, Sixteen Stories about Time at our #Arachne5 fifth anniversary party. She is keen to read the whole thing somewhere, soon.


Carrie Cohen

Catch Carrie’s next gig with us.

#Arachne5 Internet Dating

Liam Hogan reads Internet Dating for Immortals from Happy Ending NOT Guaranteed. at our #Arachne5 5th Anniversary party.

Here’s a picture of Liam reading elsewhere

catch Liam’s next gig

#Arachne5 freedom pass

Carolyn Eden reads at our #Arachne5 5th anniversary party, from her story Free White Towel, which is in Liberty Tales. Just audio for this one as the camera had packed up.

Here’s a picture of Carolyn reading it at another event.

catch Carolyn’s next gig


#Arachne5 two different ways of dealing with disputes…

The last of the videos from #Arachne5 anniversary party, the camera battery died after this – so it will be just audio from here on.

Nichol Wilmor reads An Account of Six Poisonings from Weird Lies in which families and lovers resort to extreme measures.

and Sarah Lawson reads Next Door to the Capulets, (originally read at our Shakespeare inspired Midsummers Night In The Garden event) in which, whilst the Capulets and Montagues disturb a lot of air, the neighbours just grumble.

Weird lies is part of special offer for our 5th Anniversary – get it for just £5