An Outbreak of Peace

An Outbreak of Peace: Stories and Poems in response to the End of WWI

8th November 2018
978-1-909208-66-7 Paperback 129×198
978-1-909208-67-4 mobi/kindle
978-1-909208-68-1 ePub

An eclectic mix of poems and short stories some of which deal directly with the end of WWI, some with the ending of other wars, and some not about war at all, as such, which is as it should be.

Ellery Akers
Jane Aldous
Karen Ankers
Annelise Balsamo
Valerie Bence
Anne Bevan
Elinor Brooks
Katy Darby
Peter DeVille
Sarah Deckro
CB Droege
Ken Farrell
Corie Feiner
Norman Franke
David Guy
Chantal Heaven
Anwar jaber
Steven Jackson
Peter Kenny
Peter Shaver
Julie Laing
Katy Lee
Gerald McCarthy
Nicholas McGaughey
Nina Murray
Ness Owen
Clare Owen
Lily Peters
Nick Rawlinson
Rebecca Skipwith
Lucy Smith
Sarah Tait
James Toupin
Rob Walton
Nick Westerman
Martin Willitts, Jr
Mantz Yorke