Lovers’ Lies

January 2013

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This book is designed expressly for romantic Cynics and cynical Romantics. Be careful who catches you reading it – your intentions might be misinterpreted.
Liars’ League teams up with Arachne Press for a second outing bringing the freshness, wit, imagination and passion of their authors to a wider audience.
Join us as we wallow in the many facets of relationships. Explore role-play gone wrong, goldfish that eat loneliness, and a very literal leap into the unknown. Old love, cold love, true love, new love, dead love, we’re through love – making babies and making whoopee, disappointment and contentment, playing at home, playing away or just playing; missed chances and new romances: everything from first conversation to last breath, strange journeys and stranger destinations.

9781909208025 Print RRP 9.99 now £5 if you buy direct from our webshop
9781909208087 ePub £4.99 +vat RRP
9781909208094 Mobi/Kindle £4.99 +vat RRP

Launch information
Featuring stories from:

Alison Willis
Bartle Sawbridge
Bobbie Darbyshire
Catherine Sharpe
Cherry Potts
Clare Sandling
Darren Lee
Jason Jackson
Jessica Lott
Mi L Holliday
Michael McLaughlin
Michelle Shine
Nichol Wilmor
Nathan Good
Peter Higgins
Rebecca Gould
Richard Smyth
Rob Cox
Rosalind Stopps
Tania Hershman
Tom Conoboy

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