A Gift of Rivers – Kate Foley

cover design Gordy Wright

April 26th 2018
ISBN: 978-1-909208-53-7

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A new collection of poems about finding love in advancing years and the upheaval of moving country in fulfilment of that love.

Our first review – London Grip

From award-winning lesbian poet Kate Foley, a follow-up to her 2015 Arachne Press collection The Don’t Touch Garden which charted her adoption and childhood during WWII (also available as an audio book).

Kate Foley is a much published and respected poet with many awards to her name. This, her 8th collection is made from meeting, migration and marriage: poems reflecting the journey of one poet and her wife, across linguistic and geographical boundaries – and, with Brexit in the offing, it’s far from over yet.

Foley’s writing has all the ingredients of a good conversation – interesting topics, fact as well as speculation, courage and curiosity, generosity of spirit and clarity of expression. And, as always, wit. Just sit down and enjoy it.

R V Bailey

UA Fanthorpe said of Foley’s first book

The heart speaks with patient accuracy… of all kinds of love… and of later collections a whole basketful of unexpected perspectives…a poet with the candid Dutch, exact gaze…

Reviewed in ArtemisPoetry 21