ISBN: 978-1-909208-26-1  Publication: 10th October 2016
Format : 234 x 156 mm
Extent: 168 pages 170gsm full colour
Price: £25 (On Sale for Coming Out Day 11th Oct 2017 £20)

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Territories: World English Language

A departure for Arachne Press, our first book of photographs.

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tom dingleyPhotographer Tom Dingley started his #Outcome project a couple of years ago, in response to his concern at the lack of positive role models for young people on the cusp of coming out. He decided to photograph LGBT people with the attributes of their everyday life – their work, or their interests; and holding a picture of themselves as a child. The message is, no matter how hard it is growing up, no matter who you were, you become who you become, and you are amazing.
Arachne Press were quietly helping, finding venues for exhibitions and subjects to be photographed, then we set Tom a challenge – 100 photographs 50% women, 20% ethnic minority and as many Transfolk as were willing to get involved, and we’d do a book. Tom hit that target, and the book was published on 10th October just in time for International Coming Out Day.

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We want more people to come forward to be photographed and we want to take the exhibition round the country.

Are You: a Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual or Transgender person? Can you get to London for a photo shoot? do you have a photograph of yourself as a child? Are you willing to have your photograph exhibited around the country (and maybe beyond) in a travelling exhibition, and published in (maybe!) the next book?

Predictably the first flush of enthusiastic photograph subjects were youngish white men, so we are particularly interested in women, ethnic minorities, older people, people with disabilities, people with interesting jobs/ hobbies that will photograph well – so musicians, sports enthusiasts, crafts people, artists, trades and professions that would make interesting photographs…deep-sea divers… puppeteers… spider-wranglers…we want to have as diverse an offering as possible. See who we already have.

Not every photograph has gone into the book, but the exhibitions will eventually include everyone. We would also love a short quote from each participant about how they see themselves.

If none of that applies to you, but you still think it’s a good idea…

Do you have a venue in which we can show the exhibition?

Our next outing is Sheffield Hallam University in May, and we are in serious talks with IHLIA in Amsterdam about a long exhibition January-April 2018 but we would like at least 2 more venues with as good a spread around the UK as possible. We are looking for at least a week, a small launch party, (or a big one!) a day when people can come along and be photographed so that their portraits go into the next exhibition, a bit of help with invigilation and somewhere to sell the book.

we can do mini exhibitions suitable for offices and libraries:

Outcome Mini touring exhibition in Ealing Library

or walloping great big ones for exhibition spaces and galleries

Greenwich University Heritage Gallery (Book Launch exhibition)

The usual size of print is 50mmH by 40mmW but we can print different sizes to order if you pay the costs.

Would you be interested in supporting the project financially?

We raised nearly £3000 in  Our Campaign  on Kickstarter, but that only covers the print costs. To successfully get the exhibition on the move around the country we need venues (which we will probably have to pay for) transport, invigilation, hanging… even if we were to do all this ourselves, (not very practical!) that takes time away from income producing activities.

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Here’s what we’ve done so far

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