The Dowry Blade

The Dowry Blade FRONT Cover final

Cover design Lucy Reynolds/Cherry Potts

The Dowry Blade

Cherry Potts

Trust anyone, even your enemies

Trust no one, not even your friends.

Print: 9781909208209
ePub: 9781909208216
Mobi/Kindle: 9781909208223

Format: Royal 234x156mm
Publication date: 25/02/2016

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The Dowry Blade got an ‘honourable mention’ in the Rainbow Awards 2016, and was longlisted for The Guardian’s NOT the Booker prize 2016.

Nine years after the loss of her sister, and the near obliteration of her clan, Brede, a plains’ nomad, is living unwillingly in the marshes. The sudden ending of a decade long drought, brings with it many changes; rumour has it that the rain was bought at the price of a king’s head, and the sword needed for such a sacrifice is missing.

Change comes for Brede with the arrival of Tegan, a wounded mercenary.

Brede’s discovery, first of the Dowry Blade and a stolen horse, and then of Tegan’s history, sets in train a journey to the capital in search of her missing sister and leads to an unexpected role in the Queen’s household, and a powerful lover.

A lesbian fantasy epic of the strength and limitations of love and loyalty: between friends, lovers, kin, strangers– and enemies.

Launch events 24th Feb in Lewisham, 25th Feb in Clapham, 3rd March in Beckenham, 24th March at Gay’s the Word. Also reading at Polari on Sea in April. more info here.