Words from the Brink: Climate Crisis Poems and Stories for Solstice Shorts 2021

For Solstice Shorts 2021 we invited writers to respond to the growing climate crisis.

We’ve given the planet a hard time over the last couple of centuries, and she’s showing the wear and tear of her least considerate offspring.
We asked our authors: Where are the signs of renewal? Are there signs of regrowth? Have we pushed nature too far? What if it’s already too late?
Poems and stories from the brink… a tipping point: responding to the floods and droughts and fires all around the globe with tenderness, compassion, fear, grief and rage. Gaia is represented in all ther power and glory, and butterflies and plants sow seeds of hope, while other writers ask:
How do we stop it? How do we survive it? And how do we live beyond the catastrophe on our horizon? Are we heading for recovery or extinction?

Angela Graham, Ben Macnair, Cath Holland, Cath Humphris, Cathy Lennon, Claire Booker, Corinna Schulenburg, Diana Powell, Elaina Weakliem, Emily Ford, AG Parker, Jane Aldous, Jane McLaughlin, Jared Pearce, Jessica Conley, Jill Michelle, Julian Bishop, Karen Ankers, Kate Foley, Katherine Gallagher, Kelly Davis, Lesley Curwen, Lisa Clarkson, Lucy Grace, Lucy Ryan, Lyndsey Weiner, Mandy Macdonald, Michelle Penn, Natascha Graham, Rachael Li Ming Chong, Rob Walton, Robert René Galván, Samn Stockwell, Simon Brod, Stevie Krayer, Tara Willoughby, Tim Dillon, Ness Owen, Xia Leon Sloane.

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Words from the Brink