Where We Find Ourselves




Where We Find Ourselves: Poems and Stories of Maps and Mapping from UK writers of the global majority.

October 28th 2021

Edited by Sandra A Agard and Laila Sumpton

Anthology: Poetry and Short Fiction.
pages: 132
Print 978-1-913665-44-9 £9.99
eBook 978-1-913665-45-6 £4.00
Audio 978-1-913665-47-0 £15.00

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Stories and poems from nearly 40 UK writers of the Global Majority, from African, Asian, Middle Eastern, Caribbean, South American, Chinese and Malay communities, writing about maps and mapping. Stories and poems of finding oneself and getting lost, colonialism and diaspora, childhood exploration and adult homecoming.

Stories and Poems by:

Alexander Williams, Alireza Abiz, Amanda Addison, Ambrose MusiyiwaAnita Goveas, Be Manzini, Benson Egwuonwu, Catherine Okoronkwo , Crystal Koo, Dean Atta, Des Mannay, Désirée Reynolds, Dipika Mummery, Emily Abdeni-Holman, Farhana Khalique, Gita Ralleigh, Kavita A Jindal, L Kiew, Lesley Kerr, Lorraine Dixon, Lorraine Mighty, Malka Al-Haddad, Mallika Khan, Marina Sanchez, Marka Rifat, Meng Qiu, Mimi Yusuf, Nasim Rebecca Asl, Ngoma Bishop, Nikita Aashi Chadha, Oluwaseun Olayiwola, P.A.Bitez, Rachael Li Ming Chong, Rhiya Pau, Rick Dove, Sami Ibrahim, Sandra Nimako-Boatey, Savannah Sevenzo, Selina Nwulu, Seni Seneviratne, Shamini Sriskandarajah, Sundra Lawrence, Victoria Ekpo, Yvie Holder, Z.R. Ghani


Where We Find Ourselves is an important powerhouse of beautiful writing about the vastness of human experience, cultures, and countries, whilst also being about the minutiae of life, to portray that humankind is one. The need to remove the extensive and various holds of racism on millions of people’s lives is the overriding message of this anthology, which should be read widely”. – The Word Factory

I wanted to sink my teeth into more writing from communities that are underrepresented in the literary world, and this offering from Arachne Press gave me the opportunity to do just that… I enjoyed everything within its pages.” What I think about when I think about reading blog

“I found the stories and poems to be so enlightening and equally heartbreaking at the same time… Its beauty is beyond anything I have read in recent times.” – Kristina’s Shelves

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