Noon: Stories and Poems from Solstice Shorts Festival 2018

Noon: Stories and Poems from Solstice Shorts Festival 2018

Ed Cherry Potts

21st March 2019

80 pages 129x198mm
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Everyone thinks of noon as being a split second as the clock’s hands draw together, the bell tolls twelve times – but there is so much more to it than that – Solar noon happens as much as half an hour either side of what the clock tells you, deadlines are met, or passed, shadows vanish, vampires hide – or do they? Stories and Poems from 2018’s Solstice Shorts festival, read live in Aberdeen, Edinburgh, Ynys Mon, Carlisle, London and Cork on the stroke of… or nearly, Noon.

featuring stories from

Barbara Renel
Clare Shaw
Diana Powell
Elaine Hughes
Karen Ankers
Karen Boissonneault-Gauthier
Liam Hogan
Lily Peters
Marka Rifat
Patience Mackarness
Roppotucha Greenberg
Su Yin Yap

and poems from
Alison Gerhard
Alison Lock
Anne Elizabeth Bevan
Catriona Yule
Elinor Brooks
Gareth Culshaw
Graham Burchell
Ian Grosz
Jane Aldous
Laila Sumpton
Mandy Macdonald
Marika Josef
Michelle Penn
Natalie Gasper
Ness Owen
Nicholas McGaughey
Patricia McCaw
Paul Foy
Sara Elgerot
Stuart McKenzie
Susan Cartwright-Smith