Rob Walton

Rob Walton

Rob Walton is from Scunthorpe, and lives on Tyneside with his family.  He has been published in various places.  In 2017 poetry for adults and children, flash fictions, short stories and creative non-fiction published/forthcoming in Sidekick Books, Northern Voices, The Emma Press, The Interpreter’s House, Flash Frontier, a shop window in Marsden, Bennison Books, Write Out Loud, The Line Between Two Towns, Celebrating Change, the Worktown anthology, and DNA among others.  He collated the New Hartley Memorial Pathway, and sometimes tweets @anicelad.

Rob’s stories for Stations, Yellow Tulips, and Lenny Bolton Changes Trains are set at New Cross and Whitechapel. They concern an awkward not-quite-love triangle, and an exhibition that defies the boundaries of a gallery.

Rob’s story for DUSK is Words on Paper, andwas performed in Carlisle on 21st December at Dusk, and published in the Dusk anthology June 2018

Rob has also supplied us with two poems for 2018’s An Outbreak of Peace, and most recently, a flash for Story Cities

lenny bolton changes trains

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