Audiobooks are all a bit new to us, and while we fight with the technology to allow us to sell them direct you can, in theory*, get our audiobooks from any of the following: | Hoopla | The Audiobook Store | Downpour | Overdrive | Libro.FM | Audiobooks Now | Hummingbird Media | Reado | StoryTel | BookMate | Audiomol | Nextory | Kobo | Scribd, Inc. | Barnes & Noble | Nook | Playster | 3 Leaf Group | Baker & Taylor, Inc. | Bibliotheca, LLC | EBSCO Information Services | eStories | Follett Library Resources | Google LLC | Mackin | Anyplay | Odilo | Wheelers Book Club Limited | Beek | Audiobooks NZ | Permabound | Apple | hibooks | 24Symbols | Chirp | Blinkist | Audioteka | UBook | YouScribe | BookBeat | Cliq Digital | Grupo Vi-Da | Instaread | Podimo | Tribe Media | Skoobe

and of course, Audible.

Currently or very shortly available:

100neHundred (Flash Fiction) by Laura Besley read by various

A Voice Coming from Then (Poetry) Jeremy Dixon read by Nigel Pilkington

Accidental Flowers (Novel in short stories) by Lily Peters read by various

Incorcisms (Flash Fiction) by David Hartley read by various

Strange Waters (Short stories) by Jackie Taylor, read by Sophie Aldred

The Don’t Touch Garden (Poetry) by Kate Foley read by the author

This Poem Here (Poetry) by Rob Walton read by Sean Patterson

Zed and the Cormorants (Young Adult Fiction/Novel) by Clare Owen, read by Sophie Aldred

Meet the Narrators

*Without searching each individual site, we don’t know whether they all took the books, but they were offered! We know they are on Audible, but you may have reasons to prefer to buy elsewhere.