Sealey Challenge!

Just a few days to go until the start of The Sealey Challenge, which is to read a book of poetry a day throughout August.

Although the idea of my hammock under the apple tree and a pile of poetry books is very appealing, I don’t think I can actually achieve that while working – not if I’m going to read properly and take in what I am reading with the proper attention – so I’m planning re-reading for some of these slots.

Rather than just randomly pick up poetry books, I am focussing on books by poets we have published at Arachne Press, which have been published elsewhere.

I’ve got 34 (I think!) to choose from, and if you are inspired to join in, here’s a link to our page where you can buy most of these listed, and the books we have published by these poets, and a handful of others that I don’t actually own (yet) – Where they aren’t listed, it is because they are out of print, not stocked by the wholesaler that use, or only available from the publisher.

OR…!! you can go to our webshop and get 10% off poetry collections and anthologies, and hybrid anthologies (poetry and short fiction) with code SEALEY until 31st August.


you can buy our poetry books as ebooks, and a handful as audiobooks, on our ebookstore after all, you Sealey Challenge doesn’t HAVE to be in print.

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We mostly found these poets through open calls for anthologies, and I’ve grouped them by where we first published them (not always poetry!), or if we have published a collection with them subsequently. Some of these poets were well known at the time we published them, some it was their first outing in print, and every possibility in between.

I’ll be posting about the books daily on Twitter and Instagram, and weekly here.

Here’s the list…

Poets with whom we have published collections

Claire Booker: The Bone that Sang/ Later There Will be Postcards (Arachne Collection: A Pocketful of Chalk)

Jennifer A McGowan: The Weight of Coming Home/ Still Lives with Apocolypse (Arachne Collections: With Paper for Feet and How to be a Tarot Card (or a Teenager)

Kate Foley: I own Kate’s entire works, but I really want to re-read A Fox Assisted Cure (Arachne Collections:The Don’t Touch Garden, A Gift of Rivers, Saved to Cloud)

Ness Owen: Moon Jellyfish can Barely Swim (Arachne Collection: Mamiaith)

First published by us in A470 Poems for the Road/ Cerddi’r Ffordd

Angela Graham: Sanctuary

Christina Thatcher: How to Carry Fire

Kevin Mills: Zeugma

Matthew Smith: Keeper of Aeons

Rae Howells: The Language of Bees

Stephen Payne: The Windmill Proof


First published by us in Departures, and contributed to The Story Sessions (Live literature)

Zoë Brigley: Hand and Skull


First published by us in Lovers’ Lies

Tania Hershman: Terms and Conditions


First published in one of our Solstice Shorts Anthologies

Jenny Mitchell: Her Lost Langauge

Julian Bishop: We Saw It All Happen

Lisa Kelly: The House of the Interpreter

Martyn Crucefix: The Lovely Disciples

Olivia Dawson: Unbottled

Paul Deaton: A Watchful Astronomy

Sarah James: Blood Sugar, Sex, Magic/ Plenty-Fish


First published by us in The Other Side of Sleep

Adrienne Silcock: Of Gardens and Witches

Bob Beagrie: Leásprung

Brian Johnstone: Dry Stone Work

Inua Elams: The Actual…


first published by us in We/She

Elizabeth Stott: The Undoing


First published by us in What Meets the Eye

Raymond Antrobus: The Perserverance


First published by us in Where We Find Ourselves

Alexander Williams: Secular Verses

L. Kiew: More than Weeds

Selina Nwulu: A Little Resurrection

Sundra Lawrence: Warriors








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