Flash Book-Flood Sale


Usually we have an ‘at home’ for Jolabokaflod, around the beginning of December, where local book enthusiasts pile into Arachne towers and eat mince pies and drink tea (or depending on the hour, mulled cider) but that’s not possible this year so we are having a sale instead!
What is Jolabokaflod?
An invention of  the Icelandic peoples, it literally translates as Yule Book Flood. You can see where this is going… the tradition is that EVERYONE (I’m looking at you) buys everyone else a book which is handed over on Christmas Eve, and the receipient (that’s everyone) snuggles up with their books and hot chocolate (insert your prefered beverage) and reads until dawn.
There is a small but determined band of publishers, booksellers, writers and readers who want this adopted as a univeral tradition, join in!

How do I get at the sale?
go to our webshop
Use this code JOLABOKAFLOD at checkout to get 20% off when you spend over £30

Another discount code LOWTIDE will get you last year’s Solstice Shorts anthology Time and Tide STANDARD edition half price.

I THINK you can only use one code at a time, we’ve never had two running together before so this could be interesting!

PLUS check out the ongoing special offers (these are not affected by the codes!).

Also, remember that if you buy a copy of this year’s Solstice Shorts anthology Tymes goe by Turnes before 17th December (publication date) then you get a free ticket to this year’s online festival on 21st December 2020 at 8pm GMT.
TICKETS for the online event are available here for a suggested donation of £5
We hope you’ll join us! (Open mic sessions available – get your ticket and send us an email.)

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