Opportunity for Deaf writers

Arachne Press is hoping to publish an anthology of Deaf fiction and poetry in Autumn 2021. We will pay royalties.

Deadline for expression of interest from deaf writers/editors extended. Writers keep telling us about yourselves until Jan 31st 2021. Editors: CV please by 3rd January 2021

Lisa Kelly (co-editor of Magma 69, The Deaf Issue; co-Chair of Magma Poetry, first collection A Map Towards Fluency published by Carcanet) will be one of the editors, and we are looking for another Deaf editor who is fluent in BSL, ideally someone who writes fiction rather than poetry.

We are putting together an application for funding, so that the whole book can be produced as BSL videos as well – this means we need translators and interpreters and video editors… quite a lot of people! But we are starting with YOU the writers.

At the moment all we want is an expression of interest – an email with your name and contact details, any writing credits or performance of your own work. If you have an idea for a theme for the anthology please make suggestions.

Submissions of work will be accepted in English or BSL, from UK writers only, from February 2021 once we know we have the funding. Please don’t send anything now.

If you have the experience to be our Deaf editor (there will be a fee for this work), we’d like a CV. please respond here or on our Submittable platform.

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