Final cover design reveal for Tymes goe by Turnes

cover design by Kevin Threlfall

Cover designs are always a bit of a thing – we work with lots of designers, but over the years, when I am devoid of ideas for a cover, I go to Kevin Threlfall – he has many talents and many styles and we work well together. I sent him the Southwell poem, just as I had with the musicians and writers, and he responded with several possible designs.

The ideas were so rich and varied this year I had to draft in the writers to vote, and they overwhelmingly went with the design that gave a nod to the winter sun black and gold/orange theme we’ve had from the very first festival, but of course Kevin has made it his own. Then we did a bit more tweaking, so that the original single bird became several (the saddest birdes a season find to singe), and the solshorts logo replaced the words in the original.

The book is being proofed this week, final sign off next week and off to the printers shortly after!

We are crowdfunding to raise money to print the book, and pay performers (and writers) for the festival. there’s a week left to go, so if you fancied supporting us, here’s the link

Or you can preorder a copy of the book NOW. we will only be printing enough to cover preorders and a small batch for shops and the actual event, so if you want to guarantee a copy please order now!

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