Kevin Threlfall Prints for Tymes Goe by Turnes Crowd Fund

One of the lovely things about running a tiny publishing house is that you get involved in all the decisions and every element of the process, including the covers, which leads on to getting to know, however slightly, a lot of artists and designers. One such artist is Kevin Threlfall, who has done several covers for us now, starting with the cover for our award-winning anthology Weird Lies, and is currently working on the cover for Tymes Goe by Turnes

Kevin exhibited with us at our first ever Cover Artists’ show in September 2014, and kindly said that we could keep whatever did not sell, and use it however we saw fit.

How we saw fit is to offer the remaining prints as rewards for the crowd fund for  Solstice Shorts Festival. There are only two left.

These are they:

Each print is approximately 400mm wide by 500mm high and printed on canvas.

Estimated delivery: 2nd Nov 2020

Select reward £40 or more

At the present rate, we will only make aobut half the money we need, so if this partivular reward doesnt take your fancy, please head over to the crowdfund and pick another one!

If we hit the target, we can get match funding, which will go towards our next three books.

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