Tymes goe by Turnes crowdfund

Greetings. Happy Autumn Equinox…it’s the last day of summer, which turns our minds to Solstice Shorts 2020, Tymes Goe by Turnes  for which we are crowdfunding.

I know. I hate crowdfunding, its a stressful thing to have to do, apart from hearing from all the lovely authors who offer us wonderful rewards to make the whole process more personal.

most of the authors…

We couldn’t actually use all of the offered rewards because Covid restrictions would make it too difficult to have a weekend away in a beautiful Cornish cottage for the Solstice, courtesy of Jackie Taylor, and on balance we decided that maybe it’s not a great idea to offer cake either for similar reasons. (If you are desperate for one of our home-made cakes, we can come to an arrangement…)

We do however have: TICKETS for the festival including a pay it forward where you buy a ticket for you and a ticket for a stranger,

the usual badges and t-shirts and books (of course);

prints from cover designer Kevin Threlfall

hand-collected flower seeds from Jane Aldous

a hand-made suncatcher from Patience Mackarness

a hand-crocheted shawl from Karen Ankers

bespoke poems from Laila Sumpton

writer coaching sessions with Neil Lawrence

writing critiques from Cherry Potts


and (when we’ve sorted out exactly what and how much and how many) bespoke flash fiction from Margaret Compton – watch this space).

So plenty to choose from! Help us get the festival up and running: back us here

We will be posting details of the rewards over the next couple of weeks, and teasers for the festival between now and December to remind you what’s happening!


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