Update on Time and Tide

It’s been a total whirl since successfully crowd funding. We’ve got our funding from Arts Council England, Aberdeenshire Council and Literature Wales all confirmed (nothing in the bank but…!)

The Tshirts have arrived!

and we’ve started packing up the rewards to go in the post hopefully tomorrow.

We’ve finished typesetting the special edition book. Here’s what the title pages look like…

The book is off to the printers tomorrow, after an epically fast proof-reading by the wonderful Muireann, who turned up on the doorstep with the corrections this morning, and she says its one of our best collections.

We’ve started finding actors, and sending out material, and talking to the Shanty Collective about what additional songs could go with which stories/poems.

and we’ve designed most of the posters and flyers, just waiting for confirmation of details transfered correctly for one or two.

And next weekend we’ve got the sea shanty workshop. If anyone wants to come along, tickets are here: https://bit.ly/2MuSSv0


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