Safely into harbour

Our little crowdfund has safely reached harbour 2 days ahead of schedule! Thank you Thank you Thank you!

(Ship’s bell expertly rung by Katy Darby!)

Do we dare set out on an additional fishing trip, and line our coffers a bit more securely? Our other funding sources are not yet confirmed, but with this funding we can at least manage an absolute barebones version of the festival and programme the book printing. What a relief. I do feel like one of those merchants of old, with a tower on their house so they could watch the horizon for their ship coming home safe. So if anyone want to add to our funding the more the better really – it is always very tight for funding, and if we are short, its the bits I love best that have to get cut – the live streaming (what can I say, I’m a control freak – I need to know remote sites are doing their stuff!) and the BSL interpreting – a whole artform in itself, and something that we are keen to promote as a matter of course. So there are barely 2 days left – can we raise a bit more? Still lots of rewards left!

Thanks again to everyone who has supported us, especially those who increased their backing – you know who you are!

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