Crowdfund rewards- time and tide tickets

Crowdfund countdown: 10 days to go…

Ticketing an event that happens in four countries, seven towns and at different times of day and length of event, in a wild variety of venues… is quite a challenge. So we have decided to make all audience contributions voluntary, with a suggested £3 guide price. This won’t cover the costs, but it will help, and leave people enough cash to buy a book or three.

As part of the crowdfund you can buy yourself a ticket, or buy one for a stranger.

We have a straightforward £3 ticket for you, a pay it forward £3 ticket for a stranger, or a £6 supporter ticket which buys you a ticket, and buys a ticket for a stranger. When we get that far, we’ll ask you which venue your ticket is for.

If you would like to support our crowdfund and get a ticket for the event, for you, and/or for a stranger, have a riffle through the crowdfunding site!

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