Dusk Performer: Grace Cookey-Gam

Grace Cookey-Gam trained at the City Lit, graduating in 2013. Recent roles include Melissa in Lynette Linton’s ground-breaking #Hashtag Lightie (The Arcola), Viv in Di and Viv and Rose (Stephen Joseph Theatre & the New Vic), Agnes in triple Offie nominated The Awakening (Brockley Jack), Ottalan in TV pilot Dawn (MGM), Tyrant Season 3 (Fox TV) & Justice League (Warner Bros). Grace is also a singer, with a music degree from Birmingham University, and busy voice over with a love for audio drama. She regularly reads for the Liars League and was a BBC Radio Drama Norman Beaton Fellowship semi-finalist in 2015.

Grace will be reading stories and poems for Dusk at Greenwich

10 thoughts on “Dusk Performer: Grace Cookey-Gam

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