Dusk Songster: Ed Bentley

Ed Bentley is a British engineer, producer and musician.

Ed splits his time between the UK and Berlin, where he runs Bakermoon Studios, a high-end recording studio ).

Of his song, Dusk in the Gers, which will be performed at Inverness, at Dusk on 21st December  Ed says:

It was written at dusk in the southern region of France called Le Gers, where I was staying for a month or so to write songs and work on music.

Le Gers seems to be a relatively unpopulated region and quite easy to disappear into the middle of for a few weeks, somewhat off the map (the TGV from Paris doesn’t stop there). When you arrive you get a sense of a slower, slightly ancient pace of life.

A couple of weeks into my stay I met the local farmer who invited me over for a cognac and proceeded to show me, with great pride, his extensive collection of Neanderthal bones. Slightly creeped out by this, though less than willing to offend my new neighbour, I sat through various tales of the local area, which, it transpired, turned out to be full to the brim of bones, human artefacts and burial sites of the Neanderthal sort.

The cognac wore off, the day turn into dusk and I found myself back up the road outside my blue shuttered ivy clad cottage. It was late February and the air was warm.

The sky was clear, the Neanderthals were there, the crickets were at work, it was a full moon, a Super Moon at Perigee in fact.

I took my guitar outside and wrote ‘Dusk in the Gers’.


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