Dusk Songsters: 3 Bucket Jones

3 Bucket Jones is a songwriting collective centred around the musical talents of Gitika Partington and Andy McCrorie-Shand.
The evolution of 3 Bucket Jones started at a songwriting retreat at Monnow Valley Studio in September 2013. Gitika, Andy and Garry Hughes immediately gelled and they wrote their first song in a day. They decided there and then to form a band and set about writing songs for an album.
Now with a second album released,  their wide range of styles  has been described as folktronica, shoegaze, moody pop, acoustic meets electro, lo-fi and ambient indie.
The 3 Bucket Jones collective continues to evolve and personnel change. Garry Hughes left to pursue other projects and guitarist Bruce Knapp joined the fold. The new line up embarked on the first UK tour with the help of 5 members of the world class Tredegar Town Band and over 300 singers from across the land.
Gitika and Andy announced at the beginning of 2017 that they were planning to release a single each month for a year. First single ‘Place In My Heart’ was released in March 2017. Further singles have been released in each month since.
3 Bucket Jones are performing their latest single, Light Another Candle For You for Dusk at Greenwich on 21st December 2017.


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