In order of author’s first name:

Alex Reece Abbott, MacFarquhar’s Bed
Cath Bore, The Dusk Runner
David Guy, Half-Remembered, Hazy
David Hartley, Daylight Savings
David Mathews, Flick’ring Shadows
Fiona Salter, On The Evening Train
Helen Slavin, At Sky’s Edge
Jackie Taylor, Cape Cornwall
Katerina Watson, Threshold
Kirsty Fox, They Said There Were Pirates
Lucy Grace, Breadcrumbs
Math Jones, Yes, Twilight
Patrick Gayle, Sleep Tight
Penny Pepper, Wolf’s Head
Pippa Gladhill, In-Between Dog
Richard Smyth, Birds
Rob Schofield, Four Beaches
Rob Walton, Words On Paper
Rosalind Stopps, One Two Three, One Two Three
Samuel Wright, Here
Sherry Morris, Granda’s Plan
Stephen Oram, Kept Apart

What does short listing mean?
Every regional organiser has read everything, and chosen a long list that they would have performed at their site if there were enough time.
Sadly that isn’t going to be possible, we’d need twice as long, so they will be picking their final performance list (where they haven’t already) based on timing and not having stories that are too similar in tone; there were quite a few thematic things going on, particularly with wolves, and despite all the warnings not to, death.

We are aiming to announce the final line up on 1st December.

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