Dusk, an update – singing and the fringe!

An exciting ( and frustrating) thing that is happening is that people who hadn’t noticed  until recently what we are up to, have been in touch saying ‘we’d love to get involved and have something in our area’ (Saltburn and Folkstone so far) and we just CAN’T raise enough money for them as well in the time. So we are suggesting they do their own thing and we will support them by including their events in our marketing, but nothing more. Wouldn’t it be great though, if we could raise more, and include them properly?

We may have hit our crowd fund target but we aren’t resting on our laurels, there are 10 days to go yet, and plenty of rewards…

We are going to continue adding rewards to tempt people to join in, the more money we raise the more we can pay the writers, who really don’t do well out of live events despite the fact the events can’t happen without their writing. I’ve had a look at the Writers Guild guidelines and we are now aiming at a minimum royalty for performance of £60. I don’t think we’ll get there but we can try.

Most recent reward added is the singing workshop with Val Regan on 25th November in SE London. Obviously every ticket sold for this will support Dusk, as all the profit we make on it will go towards funding the festival, so really, adding it as a reward is just a way of publicising it. You can get your ticket here, and if you want to buy one at a more supportive price go to our crowd fund where you can pay much more than the ticket price, if you feel inclined to do so


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