Yay! Dusk Crowd fund target hit in 2 days

Note to self: tell lots of people about a crowdfund before it goes live, because this is what happens when you do! £1063 in two days. About £150 of that will go on fees and fulfilling the rewards and postage, so we have around £900 to put into the match funding. Thank you to our fantastic backers and to all the people who volunteered their time and skills to create the rewards.

HOWEVER there are still 12 days before the Kickstarter project expires, so if you want to help get this project on the road, you can still contribute – and we would love you to, because if we don’t get the Arts Council funding, we’ll need every penny to manage a shoestring version where we pay only expenses and have to charge entry.

Of course if we do get the Arts Council funding, we will want to add an important aspect to the project, and pay the writers a ‘performance fee’, which might be a prize. We are still working out the logistics of it, but if we have enough money it is definitely an important part of what we do as a publisher trying to support writers, and an events organiser trying to promote writing. (We always pay royalties, but that is a] dependent on book sales and b] tiny when split between 20 plus contributors.)

If you are thinking about helping out I’m afraid you’ve already missed out on the original oil painting, the hand-made book workshop, the bespoke stories and the cake.

SO a refresh on what is available:

A weekend in Scotland!!!

Only one available/left

weekend in Scottish highlands
purple prose pouch
Signed copy of Outcome
Haiku Critique
Matchbook stories
In the Wild Wood (signed)
Running before the Wind
Ticket to Ride CD




Limited availability:
Signed books
allotment tea
Fiction critique






As many as you like

T-shirts, mugs, books, audiobook

Arachne5 mug




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