Dusk Important update for writers (and others)

Ok! Writers! Pay attention! (Not a writer? Scoot down to the end, there’s info for you there!)

We are widening the call out for Solstice Shorts Dusk. You can now offer us previously published work (for performance only). This means we won’t consider previously published work for the book, but will consider it for performance at one of the following places on 21st December as it gets dark:

Ellon (nr Aberdeen)
Holyhead (Anglesey)
Warkleigh (near Barnstaple)

SUBMIT HERE deadline 5th November but you’d make us deliriously happy if you sent something SOONER.

Musicians we are after songs for the peformances too, same submission link

Everyone else!! If you think this is a lovely idea and want to get behind it, PLEASE go to our crowd fund (TODAY, it expires tomorrow!) we have lot of lovely items, hand-crafted and otherwise on offer, and you’ve missed your chance at the cake already! We still have quite a way to go!


2 thoughts on “Dusk Important update for writers (and others)

    • Hi Tabitha, yes, this one is because of the way the funding works, and because it is so gepgraphically based. there will be others that aren’t – sign up for the mailing list to keep up with new calls out. thanks Cherry

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