Dusk Crowd Fund nearing its end

A little recap…

We have a lovely idea: A Wave of words across the UK, like a murmuration of starlings, at Dusk, on the shortest day of the year.

We have 12 sites: Ellon (near Aberdeen), Inverness, Carlisle, Lancaster, Rossendale, Anglesey, Birmingham, Nottingham, Greenwich, Bristol, Warkleigh (near Barnstaple), Redruth.

We have a few stories, a couple of songs, and lots of poems already (your deadline is just over a month away but we are getting twitchy, SUBMIT NOW!)

And not enough money. Our Crowd fund expired on the 3rd with out making its target so we shoved it back up with a revised (lower) target and shorter deadline, and will you look at that! almost there already, but we still need help! SPREAD THE WORD please!!!.

It would be magnificent to see people waking up to the cornucopia of delights we have on offer and helping us hit our target – unlikely, but magnificent.

Here’s a quick reminder of what’s on offer trundle over to Kickstarter to find out more, but hurry!  You only have until 3pm on Wednesday 18th October. (There’s more on offer, but not everything translates to visuals!)

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