Dusk – A wave of Words across the UK: Ynys Mon

Our Welsh partners for DUSK  are Cybi Poets on Ynys Mon (Anglesey).

Ness Owen is a writer, playwright and poet who lectures at a FE college. We published her poem in Shortest Day, Longest Night and it was performed at last year’s Solstice Shorts Festival.

Karen Ankers is a writer, playwright, poet and actor.

Trefor Stockwell a writer, poet and actor.

They have all been involved in organising small poetry/literary events.

The event will be held at Ucheldre Centre for the performing and visual arts in Holyhead.

Ness kept asking me if there was going to be a Welsh site and I kept not answering, until she offered! It was also at her prompting that I agreed we would accept submissions in Welsh (she didn’t have to push for that at all). We are also accepting submissions in Gaelic and Kernewik (provided they come with a translation) and as usual BSL.

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