Solstice Shorts Dusk: Crowd Fund reward 1 – Purple Prose Pouch

How can you resist!

If, unlike Mama Moomintroll or Wizard Rincewind, you have neither a capacious and highly organised handbag nor a sentient pear wood trunk to hold your belongings, this is the very item for you! (the colour in this picture has come out rather pale. the green is quite vivid heading towards lime, and the background plum, and the flower proper purple.)

Beautifully hand-crafted by a poet from that well-known literary hub, Swindon, your very own poet-crocheted purple prose pouch. 17x25cm large enough to take a B-format paperback (like ours) or the tablet reader of your choice, saving your reading material from scuffs and scrapes. Unique. Only one lucky backer can bag this reward!

comes complete with hand written poem…

Head over to our crowd fund for this and other brilliant rewards put up by our gorgeous talented writers.

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